Liza Da Costa upset on Hotel Bossa Nova video director

Liza Da Costa ex Captain Jack, posted yesterday on her personal account that she is really upset of the team who suppose to promote and shoot a video for Hotel BossaNova, the video director refused to release the video because in his opinion is his creation.
 Liza Da Costa for those who don't know who she is... I will make a short biography her dance career started in 94 when she team up with Harris sister for Security project, but international success was with Udo Niebergall and Richard Witte project - Captain Jack. But in 97 she decided to take a different road, and later she formed the actual project - Hotel BossaNova.

Lydia Pockaj ex ERotic and Missing Heart bullied by a fan

Lyane Leigh (E-Rotic, SEX Appeal ) fans are attacking Laydee Records page. 
Recently Lydia Pockaj ex studio vocalist of E-Rotic, and Missing Heart (1999 - 2004) shared on official page Laydee Records a message where is saying that some "fan" is bullying her over Youtube and Facebook exactly when her new project Gyrlie was released:
"Dear all, it is strange to announce but it looks like we have our first Gyrlie HATER (e.g. on and YouTube) which is a sign of a certain attention  BUT, let´s banish this person back to his little profile. Please help us with your constructive reviews and comments. If you like our music, we would love to get your positive feedback, if you do not like, we hope for your very constructive comment.
@ All HATER: Please do not hate just for fun! It is NOT supporting your fav artist but any connection with this kind of behaviour can cause a bad reputation and harm the image of your fav artist.
Please make love and NOT war! Thanxxx ❤️๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’œ
All started when Lydia Pockaj announced at the beginning of this year that is coming to music.
Contacted by Eurodanceblog Lydia confirmed her comeback, and also that she had no intention to collaborate with Bros Music , and is not coming as ERotic or Missing Heart. 
"I am concentrated over my new dance project Gyrlie , i know that people will recognise my voice. I am an artist and i love music and i will continue to do it.
Also i am gonna to release with my other project Laydee some songs in the near future.
And i am planing to release a german project, so a lot of stuff to do, and i am not gonna disappear just because 'some don't like what i do.
" Said the singer

Lyane Leigh lead singer of E-Rotic and SEX Appeal public apologise for the misunderstanding and for what that person did:
"I read your blog about the hater for Lydia's release. I must say that I am really upset about the person, and it was never my intention, and is NOT in my name whatever he writes. I already wrote Lydia that I dissociate myself from him, and excuse me for his behaviour. I already wrote to that "fan" also saying that I will not accept such things. But i think it will not have much effort since this person has "some problems", and I already wrote him in the past to stop this behaviour.
Eurodance artist should work together, and not against each other. So i really have no intention to talk bad about Lydia. I even propose to her to collaborate for my next eurodance compilation.
" said the artist

Another sad news for Anita!

                                                                                 Source: Anita Doth Fb

Sorry to start this day with this news, but I must say it anyway. Anita Doth from 2 Unlimited has breast cancer for the 2nd time, the sad news was gave to the singer last year on routine investigation. And is not the 1st time when is passing to this, in January 2011 was also treating but it seems that the problem appeared last year. In recent post shared by the singer, said that she will keep moving forward, and doing what is loving the most - music. All our positive thoughts is with this artist who show us that being an artist is not saves you from problems, even you are a star doesn't make you invincible are just like others but only difference is that your job is more different then others... #Blessyou #GoodThoughts #2Unlimited

Baby Can I Hold You ?

Baby Can I Hold You ? is rhetorical question, asked by Terri B! in her new single made with Swedish dj Olwik, a cover after Tracy Chapman.
In the era where modern technology is occupying a part of our live, the human interactions in real life became more rare. This is also the principal theme in the new cover of Terri B!
And is not only the first collaboration of Terri with the Olwik, in 2015 made  track called Fight no more.
Baby Can I Hold You can be translated as a awake up call, that superficiality doesn't have place in a relationship.
The new single can be found on all digital megastores, more details here
Sotify : HERE

Facebook :



The new single from Manu LJ was released, the singer worked with The Dreamers for this tune. 
BE da One is a catchy and positive tune with a great message "To live the moment"

"Live the present, even is not your moment" Manu LJ

 BE Da ONE can be found on all digital megastores and all ready is promoting on all italian radios with great feedbacks.


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